Gizmos and Gadget

Watching ‘Sweet Week’ on Masterchef Australia this week has got me drooling. Caramels, chocolate, berries – what’s not to love! In particular the gelato episode got me thinking. My kids eat a lot of ice cream and it seems to be a constant feature on our shopping list.

I’ve often watched contestants on cooking shows use ice cream makers, and while I don’t use a lot of gadgets I thought this could be a useful addition at home. What could be better – delicious, home-made ice cream, with no preservatives or unknown ingredients? Plus, my son and daughter could even help make their own flavours. So, I jump online to check out options – and find a Kenwood Chef ice cream maker is $899.99. What the…?! $900! I can’t afford that! That’s roughly the cost of 180 two litre tubs of ice cream (plus the cost of ingredients of course). Or a two litre tub every week for 6 months!

So, unless we win Lotto (doubtful considering I don’t even buy a ticket…), or Briscoes have a 90% off sale, I think that’s a firm ‘no’ on the ice cream maker front.

I guess I’m a little old-fashioned in the kitchen. My two most-used items are a wooden spoon, and a good ol’ regular hand mixer. That’s it! I did own a food processor but the last time I rescued it from a dusty top shelf in my kitchen I discovered it had stopped working. Possibly from neglect. Whenever I spot a gorgeous stand mixer in a friend’s house though I’m always secretly envious. Actually – not even secretly – I’m openly jealous!

Growing up I remember my mum used a hand cranked meat grinder for her baking. Yes, meat grinder. Screw it to the side of the benchtop, choose your disc, and crank the handle round. I often used to help crush up biscuit crumbs for cheesecakes this way. In fact, she still uses it to this day! It was pretty funny when I took my parents to a local historical village once and we saw the exact model displayed behind glass in the ‘olden days’ section…

So while I may daydream of an ice cream maker, or a beautiful Smeg stand mixer (so pretty!) right now I’m doing it old skool style with a wooden spoon and bowl. Either way, my recipes will always be simple and delicious.