Lucky Charm

During winter my kids always have a hot chocolate or Milo when they come home from school. My son likes hot chocolate, my daughter prefers Milo – of course they can’t both like the same thing!! Today I grabbed this old Lucky Charms mug from the back of the cupboard. It’s something I used myself when I was a young girl.. a loooonnnnng time ago!

Growing up, it was always a special cup to use. When you add a hot drink the black background changes colour to reveal the colourful Lucky Charms cereal! My kids thought this was pretty interesting and asked me to explain how that happens. Urm?! Yeah, not something I was readily able to do! They were also quite hopeful it could be worth something as clearly looks SO old (haha!!). A quick Google search however shows it’s a Magic Mug from 1992, so hardly antique. I would have been 15. Pretty surprising then that it’s survived in one piece, with no chips or knocks. I wish the same could be same about me…

I remember the mug came free with tokens from the back of the cereal packet. I can’t honestly remember ever eating Lucky Charms cereal (we were more the homebrand-type of family), so expect we probably bought it solely to get the mug!

Do you have any old childhood pieces still in use?