About Me

A busy Kiwi mum baking with one hand, filming on her iPhone with the other. 

Hi! I’m Rachel – a New Zealand mum living in Auckland with my husband, two kids, dog, cat, and rabbit. All rescues. (The animals, not the humans.)

When I’m not working, reading or eating then I’m mostly found baking in the kitchen.

Like many mums, I constantly juggle work – housework – playing with the kids – social life (huh?). The name One Handed Baker came about after I pretty much baked a cake with one hand while helping with homework with the other.

I love creating new recipes and playing with old favourites, and began filming them in 2017. The One Handed theme continued as every recipe is made with one hand, while filming with my iPhone in the other hand. No tripods, no fancy equipment – no helpers! That’s why all my recipes are simple!

I have a lot of health issues. Like a LOT. I’ve had several major surgeries, broken countless bones, live with a serious bowel condition, have a metal cage and screws in my spine, and a one-in-a-million rare incurable bone disease. And that’s just off the top of my head! Baking has helped me through some dark times, keeps me calm and makes me happy. 

Baking doesn’t need to be complicated, so often simple recipes are the tastiest!

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