About Me

A busy Kiwi mum baking simple, tasty recipes

Hi, I’m Rachel. After 20+ years in the media (as a TV producer, journalist and news reporter) I started up my One Handed Baker blog to share my love of baking. I love creating new recipes and playing with old favourites, and began filming them in 2017. I named it One Handed Baker as every recipe was made with one hand, while filming with my iPhone in the other hand. No tripods, no fancy equipment – no helpers… That’s why all my recipes are simple!
Rachel Hart, tv cook, tv presenter, three, The Cafe, one handed baker,Like so many people, I constantly juggle work, housework, playing with the kids, social life (huh?)… the ‘One Handed’ theme also refers to how we all multi-task in life. It actually came about after I pretty much baked a cake with one hand while helping with homework with the other!
In April 2020, I joined The Café tv show (9am weekdays on Three) during NZ’s lockdown, baking recipes from my home kitchen. I was able to film safely within my home bubble, thanks to my husband working as my cameraman, and our kids helping out too. Baking doesn’t need to be complicated, so often simple recipes are the tastiest.
Away from cooking, I have a lot of health issues. Like a LOT. I’ve had several major surgeries, broken countless bones, have a metal cage and screws in my spine, live with a serious bowel condition, and have a one-in-a-million rare incurable bone disease. And that’s just off the top of my head! Baking has helped me through some dark times, keeps me calm and makes me happy. 
When I’m not baking I love to read, and am a huge movie lover. (In a previous life I was an entertainment reporter and did lots of cool stuff like interviewing Pierce Brosnan on the set of James Bond, and going to Britney Spears’ European tour wrap party in London!). I live in Auckland with my husband, two kids and three rescue animals.
Thanks so much for stopping by…  feel free to get in touch at hello@onehandedbaker.com or find me on Facebook or Instagram. (I’m thrilled to have 21,000+ followers on social media – thank you!)
   Rachel x